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Learn the secrets of the sexual practice that will help you awaken your sensuality, embody your pleasure & find erotic ecstasy in your body as a woman.


I’m deeply honored that you’re here. I believe that you were called here for a reason. I believe that you were guided here to dive deeper into your sensuality, pleasure and erotic power as a woman. To remember that you are deeply erotic. 

Your body, sensuality and erotic power are sacred. And your sensuality is the key to having a long-lasting, erotic love affair with your body. 

Maybe you’re here because you long for MORE when it comes to your sensuality, pleasure and sexuality.

Maybe you’re here because you feel like you just aren’t sensual, erotic or sexual.

Or maybe you’re here because you struggle with experiencing mind-blowing orgasms, have a low libido or you feel disconnected from your radiance, vitality and sexual life-force energy.

Whatever it is…I’m here to help you remember that you are sensual and erotic by nature and to guide you in connecting back to your pleasure, sexual energy and the ecstasy of your orgasm.

Every woman is erotic, sensual and capable of experiencing deeper pleasure and more love, fulfilling sex and ecstatic, life-changing orgasms.

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My decision to coach with Amber was scary at first, but definitely worth it. Beyond keeping me accountable to my sensuality practices and making suggestions that would serve my goals, Amber guided me into deeper exploration of self. She asked me questions I never considered and challenged me with unique ways of thinking and feeling. She was extremely patient with me and tenderly held space for me as we got into some of the emotional trauma I had stored. She was never judgmental and always willing to share her story, recommendations, and advice. She was also extremely accessible and flexible with making our coaching work with my schedule and giving me quick responses. Even though this was sexuality coaching, we also covered relationships, finances, food, femininity, rituals, and so much more. I gained way more than just a juicy connection with my pussy through working with Amber. Not to mention, this coaching was fun! The conversations were always interesting and the suggested practices were enjoyable to explore. She was so caring and attentive from the orientation package to gifts along the way to frequent check-ins. I felt so supported and taken care of. The coaching set such a  great foundation for me. Amber has equipped me with invaluable tools and knowledge that have helped me regain my self trust. I feel capable in dealing with any challenges that come my way with grace and ease.

-Amy N.


JESM testimonial graphicI loved taking Amber’s jade egg salon. It’s helped me learn and educate myself on my own body and its signals when it comes to my divine sexuality after being through sexual trauma. I highly recommend her expertise in sex and love for sensitive women. She is a coach who meets you where you are at without judgement and encourages self-acceptance first and foremost. Amber’s takes a profoundly feminine way of healing into her work and I truly enjoy it.

-Emily Aube
Business Owner

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I would recommend the jade egg course to any woman who wants to explore her sexuality more. I think the course has helped me to start to heal from sexual abuse and I am still using the exercises to help me on a daily basis. Overall this is a great course with lots of information, and a good mix of audio and videos. Thanks.

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It was an absolute pleasure to take part in Amber’s jade egg course. Over the 8 weeks, Amber lovingly guides you on a sensual self care journey with your jade egg, creating a safe compassionate space to help you open up, awaken and heal deep areas of sensitivity and wounding. It’s a wonderful initiation into working with the jade egg’s healing powers, getting comfortable with new techniques and connecting with the empowering magic of this ancient practice. I highly recommend it for women of all ages who are ready to give their yoni and womb space the love and attention the deserve, bringing greater balance on every level. Thank you Amber for so bravely sharing your work with the world.

-Fiona Morris
The Natural Healing Guide, Herbalist & Holistic Therapist at Nourish and Flourish

JESM testimonial graphicAmber is such a beautiful, caring and powerful soul. After talking to her I felt so much centered in my feminine energy being at ease in the flow. Amber has a gift of lifting you up and empowering your inner self to guide you. She invites miracles and magic into your life. I can highly recommend working with Amber if you desire to ignite more sensuality, sacredness and pleasure into your life as a woman and a human being. Amber will empower you to glow!

Daria Zest
Business Coach

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 I enjoyed my coaching session I had with Amber recently. I liked the fact she tapped back to the relationships I have with my parents. This was as I was describing a current challenge, it allowed me to see again that I needed to heal this relationship. I also really appreciated how she encouraged me to be empathetic with myself, like I would be a best friend. It really has helped me along the way, and I am reminded as I write this. I’ve also got a lot out of the breathing exercises she has given me, for connection and relaxation. Plus valuing/loving me and my body as a woman, its been great. 
Amanda J.S.

JESM testimonial graphic (2)I was so busy getting what I wanted and more that I forgot how much of it was on my list.

And I got it all in one package. Can you believe that?

When I joined Amber’s Manifest Through Orgasm course I had a list of things I needed and wanted in my life.

I wanted a lover, I wanted to travel , and I needed new streams of income that were close to home. Living here in the jungle of Costa Rica raising my wild Tarzan boy, I was wanting to find a way for me to have a sexier saucier life that was devoted to me away from being a mother. I had no idea how this would look. But I knew I needed things to shift. I did not want to leave where we live, I just needed some juicy sideline action. Well I got it. !!

After massaging a woman in a retreat nearby she gifted me a flight ticket to Havana. Whilst in Havana I re connected with some one I had met the yr before when I first went to Cuba.

Whilst in Havana for ten days, I spent much of my time trying to find all the great things to do. Often missing the best nights, the best bands and the best restaurants due to finding out after the fact. With this experience of mine I saw the huge potential to bring people to Havana for weekend tours where everything was organised and no one would miss out !!! With my passion for working with locals I spent most of my time meeting and getting to know many people that were willing to come on board with my idea in Havana.

Now for the juiciest part.. my friend that I re connected with are exploring an international lovers relationship !! He is tall, sweet and my right hand man in the Havana tours and in my bed when I am there !!! Not only do I get to travel for work, I get to host people in a city I love and I get looked after at night by a gorgeous young Cuban man.

And on the home front.. I realised that I could build my son a room on the balcony and now rent out a gorgeous king size room on air BnB.  I also get to share my jungle paradise here in Costa Rica and cook amazing meals for people and make chocolate every single day. Thank you Amber, Thank you to my Orgasm and Thank you Pacha Mama for all of your blessings.

-Melissa Boord