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Your body is sacred. And so is your sensuality and erotic nature.

I’m here to help women heal the relationship with their bodies by connecting back to the sensual, erotic woman within. While this is my passion {I wouldn’t change it for the world}, it wasn’t always this way…

My journey to becoming a fully awakened and embodied sensual, erotic woman began a few years ago and has been one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever endured. It changed everything for me.

For years I was in a tumultuous, loveless relationship…with myself...and I often felt as if a huge part of me was missing…yes, something was off and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Hello sensuality and erotic energy? Where are you? More on that below…

I hated my body and felt completely disconnected from myself in every way. I spent most days feeling unsafe to reside fully IN my body and living a life with no time or space for passion, pleasure, or desire. I denied my natural orgasmic nature as a woman and felt ashamed of my body and her femininity.

This resulted in a lot of horrible issues in my root and sacral chakra regions, such as UTI’s, interstitial cystitis, low libido, and no traces of my sexual energy to be found.

One day I experienced a sensual, sexual, and spiritual awakening upon stumbling across a magical healing tool called a jade egg. During this time I began learning about the power of my sensuality, sexuality, erotic energy {or life-force energy/sexual energy}, and femininity.

jade egg

I began to get deeper into sensual awakening, embodiment, orgasmic breathing techniques, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Goddess work, and really embracing myself as a fully sensual AND erotic woman.

I also began to use the jade egg for more than just strengthening my pelvic floor and sexual healing, but to tap into something that resides in every single woman–my erotic energy/essence–also known as Shakti in Tantra. Shakti is our life-force energy and essence–our vitality, sexual energy, radiance, and creativity.

This erotic energy is the same energy that allows us to procreate, but you can harness this powerful energy and use it to heal, create artwork and projects, nourish relationships, call in money, clients, lovers, and so much more! Amazing things have happened for me since awakening my erotic essence and really learning how to harness this sacred, sexual power of mine.

Want to get in on this too? Download a complimentary copy of my jade egg ebook ‘Awaken Your Erotic Power Using a Jade Egg’ and learn the secrets of the sexual practice that will help you awaken your sensuality, embody your pleasure, and find erotic ecstasy in your body as a woman!

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While I have implemented many different rituals in my body and life for activating my sensuality and fully harnessing my erotic power as a woman, the jade egg really helped me release shame, guilt, and trauma that was holding me back in my body and life. That’s why I’m so passionate about this little gem of a tool!

Over the past few years I’ve discovered the power of sacred rituals, which have allowed me to fall deliciously in love with my own sensual, feminine body and my erotic nature as a woman. Through rituals I have opened my heart and liberated my spirit, calling more pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, and Divine Love into my body and life.

This sacred, sensual journey is what led me to my true calling. My mission, passion, and vision for the world. My dharma. My purpose; which is to help women (just like you!) learn how to awaken their sensuality, fall in love with their bodies, and fully embody their sacred, erotic essence and pleasure.

Ecstasy resides within you. Pleasure does, too. It’s time to tap back into your sensual medicine as a woman and cultivate deep self-love from within. It’s time to return home to the erotic essence that is your birthright.

Your sensuality is the key to having a love affair with your body. 

sensual me

If you want to call more love, pleasure, sacredness, and ecstasy into your body and life by awakening your sensuality and fully embodying the erotic within, I’d be honored for you to join me, lover.

I know first hand how exhausting it can be when you no longer feel (or have never truly felt) juicy, radiant, and alive. But I’m here to tell you that this is not the norm. We are absolutely meant to feel juicy, radiant, and alive!

We are meant to experience pleasure from the tops of our beautiful heads down to the tips of our sexy toes. Pleasure, passion, love, and sensuality are the norm, NOT feeling tired, stressed, turned off, and unsatisfied.

I have so many delicious rituals, sacred practices and sensual, erotic musings that I share weekly in my newsletter and on my blog on how to infuse your body and life with more sensuality, erotic pleasure and ecstasy.

I’d love to share all of this with you. You are a sensual, erotic woman and you deserve to feel all of this and so much more! Feel free to sign up for my weekly love letters via email so you can become a VIP Lover and get access to juicy content that I only share with my email list. You’ll also get a free copy of my jade egg ebook!

Want to feel alive & turned on in your sensuality and sexuality in an instant? Try some of these on for size…

  • Eat chocolate every day. The real stuff. Raw cacao. Eat it with vanilla bean. So sexy. Make it a Divine ritual.
  • Move your body, slowly and sensually.
  • Roar loud into the black abyss of night.
  • Get messy. Unleash your Shakti and get unapologetically wild.
  • Journal. Better yet, awaken your inner erotic lover and write yourself an erotic love letter.
  • Revel in your glorious, sensual naked body. This is called Holy Body Worship. Pray to your thighs. Worship your breasts.
  • Stargaze. Let the stars bewitch and enchant you.
  • Honor the moon, her energy flows through your womb.
  • Love your inner shadow seductress. She is the darkest, deepest part of you that cultivates wisdom in your soul.
  • Adorn and anoint yourself with sacred jewelry and organic oils.
  • Drink wine under the moonlight.
  • Bathe like a goddess. Rose petals and all.
  • Pick flowers and craft a crown to place atop your beautiful head.

Amber’s Official Bio:

Amber is a Sensuality & Sacred Sexuality Coach who focuses on helping women to awaken their sensuality, ignite their pleasure and harness their sexual energy through various erotic rituals, practices and techniques. She helps women remember that they are sensual and deeply erotic by nature. Through her love of Tantra and Taoism she helps women connect back to their ecstatic pleasure and increase their orgasmic potential.