Learn the secrets of the sexual practice that will unlock deep vaginal pleasure and orgasms!

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Join the erotic revolution & thousands of women already using the jade egg!


  • Deeper vaginal pleasure!
  • More fulfilling sex (whether solo or partnered)!
  • An array of deeply satisfying orgasms!
  • Falling madly in love with your sexual self!

Go From Vaginal Numbness to Deep Vaginal Pleasure & Orgasms!

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Perhaps you've stumbled across this ebook because...

  • You've struggled with vaginal dryness, numbness or pain during sex.
  • You’ve experienced bladder incontinence or a weak pelvic floor & you just want to start a practice to cultivate a strong, but supple, vagina & pelvis.
  • You’re intrigued by the jade egg practice & the sexual mastery arts of ancient rituals used to reach spiritual enlightenment & fulfillment in the body & soul.
  • You feel unsatisfied in your current sex life, whether solo or in a relationship, & you want to experience greater intimacy, more pleasure & deeper orgasms that lead you to states of heightened love & ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Or maybe you want to call in the lover of your dreams, magnetize your dream life into reality or find abundance in your sexuality, money, life & career. All of this is possible through cultivating a regular jade egg practice…& so much MORE.

In this ebook, you'll find...

Here's what some amazing women have said about my work & offerings...

Amber is an expert in pleasure! But there is much more to her work than just sex! It´s about reconnecting to your individual feminine core essence, which is hugely connected to your sexual energy. Ambers work is about awakening your vitality, opening your heart and healing your emotions.This path helps you to ground your own version of the divine feminine. It´s about ending living in the course of patriarchal chains and act out of a state of flow instead of force.

Anna from Berlin, Germany

All the rumors are true, this is an amazing practice that every women can benefit from. If you give it the time and attention incredible shifts will be made! Its very exciting to grow on so many different levels, and in so many different ways at the same time.


The Jade Egg Sexual Mastery class is incredible!  Amber teaches ancient Taoist practices through the lens of a modern empowered woman. Take this class seriously and grow healthier and more abundant than you ever imagined!


In this FREE ebook you'll learn:

  • Taoist breathing exercises to access & move your sexual energy for whole body orgasms!
  • How to use your jade egg to create an orgasmic body & life!
  • How to expand your orgasmic potential through the jade egg practice!
  • How to create a strong yet toned, supple & open vagina & pelvic floor!
  • How to replace vaginal numbness & dryness with sensation, pleasure & overflowing lubrication!
  • How to heal from stress or bladder incontinence & experience deep vaginal orgasms!
  • 7 ancient sexual secrets I use to experience whole body orgasms, deeper vaginal pleasure & increased arousal!

About the Author, Amber Leitz

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Amber is a Sensuality & Sexuality Mentor who focuses on helping women to awaken their sensuality, tap into their pleasure and access their sexual energy through various rituals, practices and sexual healing techniques. She helps women remember that they are exquisitely sensual, deeply erotic and highly orgasmic by nature. Through her love of sexuality and philosophies based in Tantra and Taoism she guides women in connecting back to their ecstatic pleasure and expanding their orgasmic potential into a whole body experience of deep bliss.

She also sells the jade egg in her online shop on Etsy, The Erotic Woman Shop.

She is the creator of the Jade Egg Sexual Mastery salon, which is an online course for women who desire to begin (or deepen) a jade egg practice and fully awaken their sensuality, pleasure and erotic power!

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