Do you want to…

Experience deeper, more fulfilling orgasms & states of pleasure in your body & sexual relationships?


Awaken, cultivate & circulate your creative, sexual energy so you can create an orgasmic body and life with ease?


Feel sensually alive, TURNED ON & deeply in love with your body & pussy?

What is the jade egg & how can it help you awaken the sensual, erotic woman within while healing sexual shame, fully accessing your pleasure and experiencing an array of delicious orgasms?

The jade egg is a crystal that is formed into an egg shape to be inserted into the vaginal canal for strengthening, toning, and healing the pelvic floor and internal muscles of the vagina. The jade egg is comprised of 100% nephrite jade. You may also see the term ‘Yoni Egg,’ which is a more general name that can refer to eggs made of other crystals, like rose quartz, obsidian, or red jasper. Each crystal has its own healing properties and benefits. 

Why Nephrite Jade? 

Jade is recommended for the practice for many reasons. One reason being that jade has been used for thousands of years in ancient China Taoist sexual practices by concubines in the royal palace who were harnessing their sexual, erotic energy for radiance, vitality, fulfillment, and spiritual evolution. 

Genuine, 100% nephrite jade ensures that you are using a real egg comprised of jade that is certified to be used for the jade egg practice and not one that has been combined with harsh or unnatural materials or other stones. Jade is a great stone for healing not only sexual shame, trauma, and blocks related to sexuality, but it’s great for the heart chakra as well (an energy center located in your heart center), which increases the sex and love connection and healing of both. 

Jade also helps you tap deep into your sexual energy, womb energy, creativity, femininity, sensuality and raises the vibration of each to enhance, cultivate and harness the power that exists inside of you as a woman. 

This erotic power within you is insatiably delicious as you’ll find once you begin or deepen your jade egg practice… 

What Does Your Jade Egg Purchase Include? 


Here’s what you receive when you invest in a jade egg from my Erotic Woman Jade Egg Shop: 

A Jade Egg

You’ll receive a medium size sideways drilled 100% Nephrite jade egg in a small black velvet pouch. 

Jade Egg Ebook

You’ll receive a free copy of my jade egg ebook ‘Jade Egg Sexual Mastery’

A Jade Egg Routine

You’ll receive access to one guided MP3 jade egg routine where I lead you through a full exercise using the 3 sections of your vagina. This is an exercise from the Jade Egg Sexual Mastery 9-week online course.  

Basics Video

You’ll receive an instructional video showing you how to clean, store, string & connect with your egg before use. 

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